Are you achieving your goals? Here’s why you might not be.

I’ve worked with thousands of people in my career. These individuals represent thousands of businesses across North America and beyond…

They come to me because they want to get their houses in order. They’ve either plateaued, lost touch with their mission, or can’t even get things off of the ground. 

I’ve had enough experience over the years, and over the course of countless conversations, to know that there are five main reasons why you aren’t succeeding. Read these five things carefully and be open to being brutally honest with yourself about which categories might describe you. 

It could be one, it could be three, or it could even be all five. 

The good news is… you can change these things. They’re all in your control. You just need to be willing to have the discipline and resilience to change. 

Do you? Let’s find out.

#1 Reason why you’re not succeeding: A lack of execution

Alright, so you have a goal, and you’ve written it down — you’ve even broken it up into smaller, more manageable goals. And then…nothing. Zero follow-through…

Which equates to zero goals achieved. 

Now, before you start to think to yourself, “Well, I got distracted,” “Other things took priority,” or “I just don’t have enough time right now,” let me tell you something. I’ve heard it all before. 

You’re just making excuses. 

I’m not saying it’s not hard. Success isn’t easy. But you can’t make excuses about the things you haven’t done while thinking that you’re going to elevate yourself to the next level. You’re not. That’s not how it works. 

Goals without execution are just daydreams. Get started. Right now

#2 Reason why you’re not succeeding: A lack of consistency

Okay, so you’re someone who is pretty good at executing. But there’s a whole wide world of difference between pretty good and remarkable. 

And one of the key things that elevates a person or a business from good to great is the ability to execute consistently.

Building a successful business, getting in great shape, or mastering a new skill completely hinges on your ability to execute consistently at the highest possible level. Master the art of discipline and you’ll be able to master just about anything. 

#3 Reason why you’re not succeeding: You’re afraid of failure

Here’s what so many people don’t get about failure: Failure means you’re trying something new. Trying something new means that you’re getting out of your comfort zone, expanding your horizons, and having new experiences. This is growth. Even if you fail, it’s growth. 

The average person who has an average response to failure looks at that failure in one specific way, meaning that they can only see the negative side of failing. They’re embarrassed. They’re afraid of being judged. They believe it makes them a loser. 

A person with a growth mindset tries something new, fails, and regroups by asking themselves, “Okay, what have I learned from this experience? How can I use this knowledge to either try this thing again, or leverage that insight into something totally different?”

Which mindset do you think is going to get you further in life?

#4 Reason why you’re not succeeding: Your vision is blurry

Now, I’m not talking about your eyes, here. I’m talking about your belief in what’s possible. Great businesses create missions and abide by them because they’re their North Star for existing. It guides the decision-making process. It helps create the culture. 

Your vision for your business is the fuel we use to inspire ourselves and everyone around us. “This is where we’re going in the next 10 years, and here’s what we’re going to achieve along the way.”

This gives people a higher level of belief in what’s possible. It gives your team a new perspective on the goals they want to achieve. If you can’t paint that clear picture for yourself, then you certainly can’t do it for others. Pull this into focus and your people will push the business forward. 

#5 Reason why you’re not succeeding: A lack of belief

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s one of the reasons fitness trainers recommend you take photos of your progress, so you can see yourself getting stronger. It’s designed to keep you motivated and to not lose faith in yourself. The same goes for business. 

Not every aspect of your business is going to be running at its highest capacity at all times. You need to keep faith in that clear vision you’ve created. Stay zoomed out in order to be able to assess where you need to place resources and zoom in on those areas when you want to track specific progress. 

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