Want to create even more wealth? Do these 3 things!

Listen up: Even if you’re not a millionaire, the advice I’m about to give you is incredibly valuable, and will help you go far in achieving your personal, professional, and financial goals, so keep reading. 

The reason that I’m directing this advice towards the millionaires out there is because sometimes people who have created a certain amount of financial success for themselves will plateau. 

They either don’t know where to go next, think they’ve already accomplished what they’ve set out to do, or they start to listen to the voices around them that tell them “enough is enough.”

Perhaps even more practically, it’s important to remember that a million dollars isn’t what it used to be. Yes, it’s a significant amount of money, but it’s not the sort of money that’s going to allow you to live lavishly for the rest of your days without continuing to bring in a healthy income. 

I’m here to help people build incredible wealth and a lasting legacy. I know from experience that, with the right vision, mission, and strategy, that you can turn 1 million dollars into millions and millions of dollars. 

Ready to learn how? These three things might seem simple, and in a sense they are, but your level of discipline will determine how likely you are to transition from a millionaire to a multi-millionaire capable of creating a lasting legacy. Let’s dive in. 

Write down your goals. With intent. Every single day.

Before you think, “Wait. Write down your goals. That’s it?” I want you to take a few minutes to think about how much effort to-date you’ve put into writing down your goals. 

Like, how much time have you really spent articulating your goals with enough clarity that you can write them down, in detail, in a fashion that someone else could understand them?

Most don’t spend any time at all doing this. Their goals are formless. And their process for achieving those goals is just as aimless. 

There’s another important reason to write your goals down with intent every day, and that’s to give your day a clear sense of direction. 

We’ve all had days where we feel like we’re just running through the motions, but if you’re having those days over and over again, then that’s a clear sign that something is wrong. It’s a clear sign that you need to make an adjustment. 

To be blunt, our time is limited. It’s the only resource we can make more of, so if you start your day writing down your goals, then you’re giving purpose to your day. 

But it takes more than writing down your goals to create more millions, so let’s move on to step number 2.

Take action towards your goals. With intent. Every single day.

Okay, you’ve written down your goals — that’s great. You’ve given purpose to your day. Now, it’s time to execute. 

Initially, this will require some more thought and more writing on your part. You’ve documented the overarching goal. Now, it’s time to document the smaller, more incremental goals that will help you achieve your big goals, and then you start doing those things. No hesitancy. Get going.

Every single thing that you do throughout the day should be in service of you achieving your goals. Everything. 

The time you choose to wake up every morning counts. What you choose to eat for breakfast counts. Whether or not you go to the gym to optimize your physical and mental health counts. The way you present yourself as a leader in your company. 

Every. Single. Thing. Counts.

Live your life with that level of intention. 

Learn how to get time and money working for you vs. working for time and money

Now, this is where you can really leverage your first million into millions upon millions. 

I do the same thing in my current businesses as I’ve done with my former businesses: I invest as much as I can back into the business so that I can continue to scale the business, create more revenue, and put even more profit back into my business to continue that cycle of growth. 

Of course, there are other ways in which you can use your first million in order to make your time and your money work for you vs. the other way around. 

One, it creates passive streams of income for yourself, such as investing in something long-term and appreciative like real estate. With the right decisions, these properties will be paying for themselves and cash-positive, producing income for you that can be used for more investments. 

Another thing to consider is how you can make wise investments to create more time in your day. 

If household responsibilities like lawn and yard maintenance, laundry, house cleaning, and the like are sucking up your valuable time, then why wouldn’t you consider paying for these services? The time you’ve saved can be used to take action on your goals list, which will lead to more money in your pocket, driving you ever-closer to building your legacy!

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