4 Steps To ImprovingYour Accountability

4 Steps To Improving
Your Accountability

Accountability makes all the difference Accountability is a crucial skill that I teach to everyone I lead or work with.  Why? Because if you stay consistently accountable, you’ll always be STRONGER than your excuses.⁣  Accountability builds trust, it...
5 Habits That AreKilling Your Productivity

5 Habits That Are
Killing Your Productivity

Are you as productive as you need to be to achieve your goals? Here’s the unvarnished truth: If you’re not focused on productivity, you’re never going to 10X.  To be clear, I’m not talking about being busy for the sake of being busy. I’m talking about the...
5 Ways To Be ADangerous Human Being

5 Ways To Be A
Dangerous Human Being

Are you a dangerous human being? When I ask people if they’re dangerous human beings, I am not asking if they’re violent or if they are capable of causing someone harm. When someone like me asks you if you’re a dangerous human being, what I’m asking is, “Are you the...
When You Find YourselfCriticizing Others, Look Inward

When You Find Yourself
Criticizing Others, Look Inward

Do you spend too much time thinking about other people’s lives? Are you the sort of person who finds themself looking at social media or talking about a friend, colleague, or peer, and saying things like, “Why are they doing that?”  “Why are they wearing...